about saayam


“Service to Poor is service to GOD”
SAAYAM Trust is involves – Education, Livelihood, Health and Poor People. As per our vision, these particular sectors are makes an intricate web and makes path for the sustenance as well as act as a bearer of difference in the lives of the beneficiary population. We work collectively to uplift the existing condition of the underprivileged and impoverished people in our society by proffering them an assistance aimed towards their socio-economic independence, self-sustainability and health. Beginning right with the most vital factor i.e. education, we work for their overall development by providing healthcare services, mainstreaming sidelined street children and employing the low-literate youth. The idea is to provide a helping hand to people who are seeking a respectful stature in the society, bear love in their heart and stands tall on commitment and hard work. It is not just about the charity but empowerment.

To promote ability among all the orphaned/abandoned/underprivileged children, senior citizens within and outside the support system, by educating, guiding and giving them the love and care which they deserve. We act as a transition for these children to lead a life with complete social dignity and also make them able, to help the society in return.

To continue doing our work with social responsibility, so that we can restore the bright future of these innocent lives.