Trust Founder

The founders of successful charities often have a lot in common with the founders of successful businesses; energy, single-mindedness, charisma and a striking level of commitment. Ironically, the personality traits that help the founder of a charity to succeed and their single-minded pursuit of their original vision or mission can become a source of conflict as the charity grows and develops, particularly if the founder is also one of its trustees.

A founder-trustee may feel that the views of new trustees sideline his or her original vision for the charity.

A founder-trustee may feel threatened by the introduction of new working practices suggested by employees or new trustees.

Where the board of trustees is dominated by a charismatic founder-trustee, new trustees may feel reluctant to express views which are contrary to the status quo or feel that the views they do express are effectively ignored.

New employees may feel that the skills and experience they bring to the charity are given little or no weight by the trustees and, in particular, a founder-trustee.